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The Cooking Without Looking TV Show Podcast introduces People who are Blind. They talk about their lives as REAL Blind People. Discover what Living Blind is like. We‘re changing the way we see Blindness!

Ed Davis…Chili Con Carne…The Cooking Without Looking TV Show Podcast

Posted on August 10th, 2022

A motorcycle accident shattered Ed Davis' face, his eyesight, but not his life.

After going through a depression from not helping his family when he lost his eyesight, Ed decided to do something about it.

He sought help from a blind organization in Los Angeles, where he met other people who were blind, and he realized it wasn't as bad as he thought.

Ed is now Vice President of his National Federation of the Blind chapter in Los Angeles.  He started interest groups where anyone can join no matter if they are from another organization or not.

That is how I met Ed because they reached out to me to share cooking tips and recipes.  

You're going to enjoy Ed's recipe, Chili Con Carne, which can be found on our Cooking Without Looking TV Show website:


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