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The Cooking Without Looking TV Show Podcast introduces People who are Blind. They talk about their lives as REAL Blind People. Discover what Living Blind is like. We‘re changing the way we see Blindness!

Ne’ Vaeh Brooks…Crispy Fried Fish…The Cooking Without Looking Podcast #ChangingTheWayWeSeeBlindness

Ne' Vaeh Brooks has been visually impaired since birth.  But she has never let that get in the way of her artistic abilities.

"We are more capable than people give us credit for," says Ne' Vaeh.

She is taking art therapy classes, and would like to be an art therapist one day, and own her own business.


If you want to try her Crispy Fried Fish, just go to our website at

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Cazerny Bussey…Vegetable Rice…The Cooking Without Looking Podcast #ChangingTheWayWeSeeBlindness

Cazerny Bussey was sighted until he was 15 years old, when he had an operation on his retina, and he went blind.

"Blindness gave me vision to see the rest of the world," he says.

Cazerny is an up-and-coming professional singer, and entrepreneur who sang at his graduation where Tony Bennett shook his hand.


Cazerny shares a family recipe for Vegetable Rice.  Look for it on our website at .

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Chef Christine Ha Winner MasterChef 2012… Apples With Caramel Dip…The Cooking Without Looking Podcast

Chef Christine Ha started her life sighted.  But when she was in her 20's, her sight started to become blurry.  She was misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and even became taking the medication for it, until she found the right doctor who diagnosed her with  Neuromyelitis optica, in which a person's own immune system attacks the optic nerves and spinal cord.

As she continued to lose her sight, Chef Ha embraced the changes that she was going through as her vision wained.  Losing her sight may have actually been an impetus for Chef Ha to try out for MasterChef, and ultimately win the third season in 2012.


You will definitely want to try her Apples with Caramel Dip has a secret creamy ingredient.  Find it on our website at

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Jenny Davis…Chicken Enchiladas…The Cooking Without Looking Podcast #ChangingTheWayWeSeeBlindness

Jenny Davis looked up in the nighttime skies, and saw stars for the first time in several years.  It brought her to tears.

Jenny is on the beginning journey of retinitis pigmentosa and it's rare that someone with RP can see the stars in the darkness.

Sometimes she feels confident.  Sometimes she feels vulnerable. A doctor told her the best thing she can do for her vision is to come to peace.


You can find Jenny's recipe for Chicken Enchiladas on our website at 

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Tricia Waechter…Cinnamon Rolls…Blind Girls Design…The Cooking Without Looking Podcast

Tricia Waechter had been going blind from Retinitis Pigmentosa.  She was in the fashion merchandising business and was traveling around the world.

But, at one point when she was going into a meeting with her white cane, her colleague stopped her because of how he thought the clients would think.

That angered her to the point of starting her own business...Blind Girl she's THRIVING!


If you love cinnamon rolls made the old fashioned way, go see Tricia's Cinnamon Roll recipe on our website at .

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Mike Smith…Beef Tips and Gravy…The Cooking Without Looking Podcast #ChangingTheWayWeSeeBlindness

Mike Smith's parents treated him like a sighted person, even though he's been blind since birth.  They wanted him to know that he could do everything, just in a different way.

Fast-forward to today, Mike is in a program which helps him own a restaurant, and make money as an entrepreneur. 


His beef tips and gravy has a special ingredient which makes it extra creamy.

Go to our website at to see Mike's recipe.

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Lynn McLellan…Moroccan Roasted Vegetables…The Cooking Without Looking Podcast #ChangingTheWayWeSeeBlindness

When Lynn McLellan began going blind with Retinitis Pigmentosa, she became angry and sad.  But her advice to others going through the same thing is to accept help from others.

Lynn also shares her Moroccan Roasted Vegetable recipe which can be found on our website at .



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Katherine Chavez…Shrimp Chipotle Alfredo…The Cooking Without Looking Podcast #ChangingTheWayWeSeeBlindness

Katherine Chavez  became totally blind in the third grade after childhood cancer.

But, she never let that hold her back. 

She's a graduate of Arizona State University, a wife and a mother of a 15-month-old.  Katherine teaches people what living a life with blindness is like on her Tik-Tok  account and YouTube channel.


Go to our website at to view her scrumptious Shrimp Chipotle Alfredo recipe.

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Aryianna Wyatt…Chicken Alfredo…The Cooking Without Looking Podcast #ChangingTheWayWeSeeBlindness

Aryianna Wyatt loves to help people...and she LOVES to cook! Totally blind after a bout with cancer as a baby, Aryianna has chosen to go into the mental health field for personal reasons which she shares.

She also shares how she makes her Chicken Alfredo from scratch.


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Amanda Davis…You Can Have Your Cake and Cookies, too…The Cooking Without Looking TV Show Podcast

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Amanda Davis doesn't like to "babysit her food."  She's found ingenious ways to cook and bake safely and quickly without standing by her food watching it cook.  She has better things to do.

She has 4 daughters, three of them teen-agers...well, who give her a challenge.  She's also been blind since shortly after birth.


You can whip up Amanda's Oven-Fried Chicken in a flash!  For the recipe, just go to .

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